A note from our team.

I’d like to take a minute of your time to speak to you about Modern Day Sniper’s Proof of Firearms Eligibility policy. What it is, and why we have it in place.

First, I’d like to explain something important. This isn’t us exerting some sort of method of control over our customers for any other purpose than to ensure that everyone who comes to train with us is first a US citizen, and second is able to legally possess a firearm. 

This is important to us for several reasons, most notably surrounding the safety of both our students and staff. We’re making sure our bases are covered regarding liability for the Modern Day Sniper brand.

What we need from you is very simple, and easy to obtain.

  1. A copy of your government issued photo identification.
  2. A copy of your valid state-issued concealed weapons permit. 


  1. If you’re an active duty/reserve law enforcement officer, a copy of your valid credentials. OR
  2. A letter from your local chief law enforcement officer stating you have no pending/past legal issues that would prevent you from owning or possessing a firearm. 

We’ll require this documentation to be on-file at the time of our course convene date. If you register and fail to provide us with one of the above listed forms of documentation, you will NOT be permitted to attend the course. No refunds will be granted should this situation arise. 

We very much appreciate your understanding and our commitment to the safety of our fellow shooters and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to forward those to us at info@moderndaysniper.com

The MDS Team

If you are signing up for an In-Person class you will need to fill out and submit the following documents ahead of time.

Please download or print, fill out, and then email or upload back to us. You can use the form below to send us the finished documents if that's more convenient.

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