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Precision Rifle 201 Equipment List


Ok, so if you’re signing up for a 201 course you’ve most likely got a solid baseline established with your gear. We’ve got our gear list from the 101 class below just to provide you with a reminder in the event you need it. With that being said, the 201 course is a great place to shake out some new gear and see what’s what. We still hold strongly to the mindset that gear should enhance our capabilities, but not dictate the direction we take in training or the application of the fundamentals. Generally speaking less is more, and here you’re going to be learning how to streamline every aspect of your approach to precision shooting. At the end, we’ll be surprised if you’re using much more than a rifle and a bag….

Overall, if there’s ANY question on the gear listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us.


  • 400 Rounds of Match Ammunition (Please view our handload policy here.)

Weapon System

  • A precision rifle capable of shooting at least 1 Minute of Angle groups at 100 yards.
  • A magnified optic with exposed target-style turrets. (Bring your manual and tools!)
  • A scope bubble level. (If it’s not installed, don’t worry, we’ll do that in class.)
  • 2x Magazines (If your rifle uses detachable magazines.)
  • A bipod, capable of Left/Right cant adjustments.
  • A rifle sling. (We recommend the Magpul MS1 Sling.)


(We have a lot of this gear available for shared/loaned use during the course.)

  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Spotting Scope
  • Shooting Tripod
  • Binoculars

Support Gear

  • The Hornady 4 DOF Ballistic Solver application on your smartphone.
  • Shooting mat (If you really need one….)
  • Rear shooting support. (We recommend the Armageddon Gear Pint-Sized Gamechanger Bag)
  • Rifle cleaning kit. (Watch this video here for what we recommend.)
  • Notebook with pen, pencil, and a black sharpie marker.
  • Daypack capable of hauling all your range gear. (We recommend the Stone Glacier Kiowa bag.)

Personal Items

There is no such thing as bad weather, only a poor choice in clothing.

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather. (We recommend a merino wool hooded sun shirt, long baggy pants, and a floppy hat.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Folding chair
  • Water (Plan on consuming at least 1 gallon per day.)
  • Food for lunch, and snacks if you need them.

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