Aug 09 2018 - Aug 10 2018


All Day


$400 per student

2-Day Advanced Land Navigation Package

The advanced land navigation course is designed to give the student the opportunity to learn advanced map and compass navigation techniques, and to expose the student to navigation at night.  This course will be somewhat technically challenging, as you’ll learn the finer points of using a map and compass to precisely locate yourself in the event you’ve temporarily misplaced yourself.  Day one you’ll find yourself on a short refresher course and in the classroom learning about advanced tips and tricks with a compass.  The evening and night of day one, you’ll find yourself on a night navigation course to test your abilities under the cover of darkness.  This course is all about building a high level of confidence.  Topics to be discussed:


  • Intersections and Resections
  • Plotting Latitude/Longitude grid positions
  • Techniques for finding your location when lost in dense timber
  • Advanced compass use
  • Night navigation techniques


This course can and will be somewhat physically demanding as you’ll be traveling on foot over varying terrain for the majority of two days.  Summer temperatures will be hot, and being in good physical condition is a must for not only your learning experience, but for your safety as well.

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