Jun 07 2018


All Day


$400 per student

2-Day Basic Land Navigation Package

The Basic Land Navigation course is designed to teach the fundamentals of navigating with a map and a compass.  On the first day of training you’ll be exposed to the basics of how to read and interpret a map, and how a magnetic compass works.  You’ll perform some basic fundamental exercises with a compass such as taking a bearing and following a course with a pace count.  Day two you’ll find yourself learning the finer points of terrain association as your proficiency in reading a map increases.  You’ll venture out on a small scaled orienteering course to test your ability to navigate on your own during the day in varying terrain and vegetation.  Topics to be discussed include:


  • How to read a topographic map
  • Terrain association
  • Angular units of measure, azimuths, bearings, and courses
  • Pace counts
  • Grid, True, and Magnetic North
  • Lat/Long, UTM, and MGRS position formats
  • How to read, and plot a grid coordinate
  • Daytime navigation in non-wooded environments


This course can and will be somewhat physically demanding as you’ll be traveling on foot over varying terrain for the majority of two days.  Summer temperatures will be hot, and being in good physical condition is a must for not only your learning experience, but for your safety as well.

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