Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper


Mar 16 - 18


All Day


$800 tuition + $100 Range Fee

Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper Course

MDS’ Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper curriculum is designed to provide the basically trained LE sniper with additional skills to further enhance individual performance in the areas of marksmanship, problem-solving, and equipment management. Building on the simplicity of the basics, the advanced curriculum provides the student with drills and practical application exercises meant to streamline and enhance already learned core skills. Topics of discussion to be covered:

  • Internal, External and Terminal Ballistics
  • Ballistic computer programs
  • Unconventional and Tripod Supported Positions
  • Surgical Shooting Skills
  • Obstacle Clearance techniques
  • Known and Unknown Distance Target Engagements from 70-500 yards
  • Law Enforcement Sniper Qualification Course
  • Night Operations and Familiarization Fire
  • Individual equipment set-up and management



Students MUST hold a certificate of completion for a Basic Law Enforcement Sniper course (diploma) from a credible organization, and be prepared to present a copy of that certificate upon registration.

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