Jul 22 - 26


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$1000 per student

Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course


The Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course is designed to take a screened and qualified sniper candidate without any prior precision rifle knowledge and turn them into a basically trained law enforcement sniper who possesses all the skills necessary to properly employ themselves in a wide variety of circumstances.  From a law enforcement sniper perspective, it is very difficult to delineate what a basic skill is from an advanced skill simply because the dynamic of a crisis site dictates the complexity of the resolution.  The KCTS Basic LE Sniper Course focuses on building the critical skills that a sniper needs to be effective under a wide variety of circumstances.  Upon completion, candidates will have displayed competence in the following topics:


  • Understanding the mission of the law enforcement sniper
  • Law enforcement sniper employment
  • Selection and occupation of positions in rural and urban environments
  • Camouflage and individual movement
  • Collecting and reporting of information
  • Fundamentals of precision marksmanship
  • The precision rifle, optics, ammunition, and the shooter
  • Angular units of measure
  • Internal, External, and Terminal ballistics
  • Ballistic computer programs and data collection
  • Defeating intermediate barriers and understanding their composition
  • Unconventional and tripod shooting positions
  • Individual equipment set-up and management
  • Known and unknown target engagements from 70-500 yards
  • Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Qualification Course
  • Introduction to night operations


This course will contain 50 training hours.

Need this course POST certified for your state?  Contact us to learn how.


Weapon System
  • Rifle capable of at least 1 MOA accuracy  (No exceptions will be made.  Qualification standards require at least this level of accuracy.)
  • Rifle scope with at least 3.5x-10x magnification range with exposed target style turrets and associated tools for fasteners
  • Bipods, capable of left/right cant adjustments
  • Easily adjustable rifle sling with the correct attachments for your rifle
  • Rifle data book and barrel log
  • 400 rounds of duty ammunition
    • If your department SOP uses a barrier penetrating projectile, please bring 20 rounds for testing and data collection.
  • Rear shooting support (Click HERE for recommended products)
Support/Ancillary Shooting Gear
  • Tripod capable of standing height (Click HERE for recommended products)
  • Method of attaching your rifle to the tripod (Click HERE for recommended products)
  • Bog Pod shooting sticks (Click HERE for recommended products)
  • One-piece cleaning rod and bore guide
  • Appropriate cleaning equipment to include carbon remover and non-ammonia based copper solvent
  • Nylon bore brush
  • Chamber mop
  • Appropriate lubricant
  • Blue Loctite
Individual Equipment
  • Call-Out Gear (Helmet, armor, or any other SOP gear for your department)
    • Individual load carry equipment such as a chest rack/vest/belt
  • Individual hydration system
  • Backpack/rucksack of sufficient size
  • Rifle Drag-Bag (Recommended Gear: Armageddon Gear)
  • Individual camouflage (Ghillie suit/Viper Hood, etc.)
  • Face paint
  • Small pruning shears
  • Gloves
  • Compass
  • Shooting mat (Not required)
  • Arm coach (Recommended Gear: RE Factor Tactical)
  • Rear shooting support (Recommended Gear: Armageddon Gear)
  • Notebook, pens, pencils.
  • Binoculars (Minimum 8x magnification)
  • Laser Rangefinder
** Please make sure to purchase the $125.00 range fee ticket in conjunction with your tuition for the course.**
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