Oct 01 2018 - Oct 05 2018


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$1000 per student

Law Enforcement Sniper Instructor Development Course

Better snipers are cultivated with quality instruction delivered by instructors that understand how people learn.  Our law enforcement sniper instructor development course is designed to create a well-rounded and effective sniper instructor.  Starting with understanding how the human brain learns and processes information, students will learn the fundamentals of delivering complex information in a systematic process so that ultimately their future students retain more, creating more effective snipers.  Students can expect to receive a mix of lecture, practical application exercises, teach-backs, and challenging marksmanship drills.  Topics to be covered:


  • The human learning process
  • How the human brain reacts to training
  • Law enforcement sniper curriculum development
  • How to teach the basic skills
  • How to properly train
  • How to set up and implement a sustainment training plan
  • How to teach the fundamentals of marksmanship
  • How to teach internal, external, and terminal ballistics
  • How to teach weapon set-up and precision rifle accessories
  • Understanding obstacle clearance and barrier penetration
  • How to teach unconventional and tripod supported shooting positions
  • Known and unknown distance target engagements from 70-500 yards.


Student Prerequisites

Students MUST hold a certificate of completion for a Basic Law Enforcement Sniper course (diploma) from a credible organization and be prepared to present a copy of that certificate upon registration.

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