Long Range Legend Carl Taylor | MDS Podcast Ep 105

In this episode, Caylen sits down with Carl Taylor from In Motion Targets, an experienced figure in the precision rifle community. Join us as we dive into Carl’s background, his contributions to the sniper community, and his journey through the Guardian Long Range match in Colville, Washington. Carl is one of the pioneers in the precision rifle sport, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Known for organizing challenging matches that test shooters’ skills in locating, ranging, and engaging targets, Carl has been a significant influence in advancing the sport. Learn more about Carl’s work at In Motion Targets.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Carl Taylor and his history in precision rifle shooting.
  • Insights into the Guardian Long Range match and its significance.
  • Carl’s experiences and contributions to sniper training in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Leadership and marksmanship training tips from a seasoned expert.
  • The evolution of sniper tactics and gear over the years.

Support the Guardian Long Range:

We highly encourage everyone to check out Guardian Long Range and support their events. It’s a fantastic charity that does amazing work for kids across the nation. Find a match near you and participate to make a difference.


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Enjoy the episode and until next time, evolve with every shot.

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