Managing Fear with Tony Blauer | MDS Podcast Ep 106

In this episode we welcome Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Training Systems. Tony Blauer explores the vital role of fear management in personal safety and self-defense, critiquing traditional training methods in favor of understanding the psychology and physiology of fear. He stresses self-awareness in navigating violent situations and discusses how fear affects shooting and decision-making, linking neurobiology to marksmanship. Blauer distinguishes between choking and freezing under pressure, emphasizing the need for coaches to address fear blocks in students. Overall, he advocates for using fear as a catalyst for bravery and emphasizes the importance of enhancing mental speed and self-awareness in optimizing performance and safety.



– Understanding and managing fear is crucial in personal safety and self-defense.

– Self-awareness plays a key role in navigating violent encounters and making effective decisions.

– Fear management is essential in shooting and marksmanship, as the neurobiological response to shooting can impact performance.

– Improving self-awareness enhances critical thinking and decision-making in various aspects of life.

– Managing fear is crucial in various contexts, including self-defense and precision shooting.

– Coaches need to understand and address fear blocks in their students to help them overcome performance obstacles.

– There is a distinction between choking and freezing, with choking being a result of trained individuals not being able to access their skills under pressure.

– Self-awareness plays a key role in managing fear and improving performance.

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