MDS Episode #0038: Western Precision Rifle and Techniques on Engaging Movers

In this podcast Phil brings on a special guest and good friend to Modern Day Sniper, Pete Kneip. Pete is the owner of Precision Shooting Solutions who fabricates moving targets. Pete and Phil discuss Western Precision Rifle and the concept of building up the shooting community in the Montana and Wyoming area. They talk about the “Why another shooting organization?” and the tiered scoring system in 3 different classes. Because Pete builds movers, they talk about different techniques on how they like to engage movers! Thanks for listening and keep your face on the gun.

In Person Training
February 6-9, 2021 – PR101 – Volusia County, FL
February 11-13, 2021 – PR201 – Volusia County, FL
March 15-18, 2021 – PR101 – San Diego County, CA (Pala Rifle Range)
Online Schoolhouse
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