MDS Episode #0075: 2nd Chances with Matthew Solowynsky

Have you ever been gifted a second chance? In this podcast, Phillip is joined by his good friend and fellow Marine Scout Sniper, Matthew Solowynsky. They talk about who Matt “Solo” is and his journey in the Marine Corps. From being court martialed to having a successful career in the Scout Sniper community, Matt talks about his lessons learned and how he bounced back from second award Private to Gunnery Sergeant of Marines. They talk about their time in service together at 1st Bn, 4th Marines and while instructors at 1st Mar Div Scout Sniper School. We hope you enjoy this episode and can hear the passion we have as Marine Scout Snipers!



Matt has spent 17+ years in the Marine Corps infantry with four deployments between combat tours and MEUs. And has been a part of the Sniper community for 12 years and has served as a Team Leader, Chief Scout Sniper, and Platoon Sergeant. He has also held the positions of Chief Instructor for Pre-Sniper Course, Primary Marksmanship Instructor & Primary Field skills Instructor at Scout Sniper Course West, and Chief Instructor at II Expeditionary Operations Training Group (EOTG) Urban Sniper Course & Aerial Sniper Course. He has also assisted in instructing the II EOTG’s Reconnaissance & Surveillance Course & Close Quarters Tactics Course, and has also contracted as a marksmanship instructor for SOF level 1 Sniper Courses throughout his career. He is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology with a concentration in Web Development.  He is a certified Breacher and has graduated Scout Sniper Course, Urban Sniper Course, and Aerial Sniper Course.


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