Our approach to consultation is unique in the sense that throughout the firearms industry many companies share the same customer base, but are connected to those customers through non-competitive products or services. Using our knowledge of the firearms and outdoor industry, we’re able to connect the dots so-to-speak by bringing companies together with untapped customer bases through exposure and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and transparency for our clients.

Product development/testing

We spend the majority of our time working in the elements, training, and testing products. It’s one thing to talk about a product idea, or provide general feedback on what works and what doesn’t work, but it’s another to understand the product development process as a whole. With that understanding in the forefront, we can provide valuable and actionable feedback to your products and help define a clear path forward.

Range Development

We’ve trained at some of the nations finest long range shooting complexes. We understand what it takes to create a unique training environment for your existing customers, and what it takes to bring in new clientele. If you’re interested in developing a long-range shooting complex, Kalinski Consulting services can provide valuable insight for your project and assist with navigating your local regulations with regards to zoning, compliance, and environmental considerations.