For the majority of our military customers, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all.  Sure, the fundamentals all remain the same, and the beauty truly does lie in the basics.  However, different branches of the military employ their snipers differently, and as such those individual needs should be met with purpose-built programs of instruction to maximize a units’ valuable time and money.  We’ll caveat this by making the statement that sometimes units simply need a place to train outside their norm as they prepare for an upcoming deployment.


It’s a well known fact that military tactics, techniques, and procedures progress at staggering speeds during times of war.  We’re not here to teach you tactics; that’s your business.  We’re not here to teach you procedures either; because we’re not going to pretend that we know more about how you go about your business than you do.  What we CAN do is teach you how to refine and hone all the small things that add up, like how to set up and manage your individual equipment, how you select and build a shooting position under a time crunch, and how to effectively streamline your workload so multitasking comes easier in a high-stress environment.

Through our connections within the precision shooting industry we have the ability to build your unit a custom training program in an environment that will allow you to focus your efforts exactly where they need to be.  We have access to off-post training locations throughout the US and Hawaii that offer unique opportunities to shoot in a variety of real-world conditions to match your area of operations so that your unit can be the most lethal asset it can possibly be.


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