Precision Rifle Courses

Precision Rifle Courses will be your journey into the incredibly rewarding disapline of precision shooting. We have a systematic approach to exploring the fundamentals and the mechanics of precision shooting. This is a life-long pursuit of masting the union of the mind and body while also exploring the science of how bullets fly.


Once you complete the first course we will continue to build on the skills you learned about the basics of what makes the precision shooting system work. Next you will learn how to continue to build on your prior knowledge with new diagnostic tools and shooting drills to become stronger as markmanship and advance your basic skills to the next level.

Courses Offered

Circle of Components Seminar

The Technical Rifle Hunter

Precision Rifle 101, An Introduction to Long Range Shooting

Positional Shooting Seminar

Wind Reading Seminar

Precision Rifle 201, Taking the Next Step