Precision Rifle 201, Taking the Next Step



We expect you to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship and rifle setup prior to taking this course.  Courses and seminars that we offer that would offer suitable experience are the Circle of Components Seminar, Wind Reading Seminar,  and Precision Rifle 101  or an equivalent curriculum from an accredited training organization.


Precision Rifle 201. Taking the next steps in your progression to being the most well-rounded rifleman you can become. During Precision Rifle 101, you learned the basics of what makes the precision shooting system work, and you received specific diagnostic tools and shooting drills to refine your newfound skills. Precision Rifle 201 will continue to build on those skills through a deeper understanding of how to advance your basic skills to the next level.


Precision Rifle 201 isn’t your typical “advanced” shooting class. We’re not promising ninja status upon completion, or that you’re going to win competitions with your newfound secret sauce. What we will promise is that you’ll come away with an understanding that “advanced” shooters simply execute the basics with the utmost level of consistency. During Precision Rifle 201 we’ll focus heavily on mindset, and how you can cultivate a mindset that keeps you in the moment. You’ll discover the importance of having your mind connected to your body, and the increased level of awareness that comes with that. Through this heightened level of awareness, you’ll be able to de-clutter your mind so it can focus on the more complex problems we face as precision shooters.

We’ll focus our first day on a recap of the basics, and get a pulse on where everyone is at skillswise for the course. From there, we’ll jump into purpose built shooting drills meant to isolate certain factors regarding the fundamentals of marksmanship and the mechanics of how we interact with our rifles. We’ll shoot up close, and we’ll shoot out at distance. We’ll focus on tasks and skills piece by piece, building your competence, and your confidence at the same time.


A deeper look into external ballistics phenomenon such as Earth Based Effects, Gyroscopic Drift, and Aerodynamic Jump and where these really matter.

Making a surgically precise wind call.

Dissecting alternate shooting positions and reducing your wobble-zone.

Mechanics drills, focusing on reducing malfunctions and manipulation of your rifle.

Incorporating movement into your shooting positions.

Applying hold-over and hold-under techniques.

Mindset, and the mental process for making the go/no-go decision for a shot.

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Well, after completing Precision Rifle 201 you’re tapped out for a while.


If you feel you would like to explore precision shooting in a one-on-one setting check out our Mentorship Program.

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