Wind Reading Seminar



We expect you to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship and rifle setup prior to taking this seminar.  Courses and seminars that we offer that would offer suitable experience are the Circle of Components Seminar, Precicion Rifle 101 or Precision Rifle 201, or an equivalent curriculum from an accredited training organization.


Definition: Dy·nam·ic (adj) /dīˈnamik/ (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.


Wind. The single-most difficult aspect of long range shooting to understand and grab ahold of. It’s the largest variable that we have to deal with as precision shooters, and it’s the definition of dynamic. There’s lots of ways out there to teach shooters how to call the wind, but we’ve decided to put together a 2 day package that focuses solely on understanding the dynamic of wind. We wanted to create this course because we’ve found that trying to communicate the process of wind reading and compensation to students while they’re learning so many other skills in another course results in a bit of a mental meltdown. When that happens, humans tend to just start going through the motions and that’s toxic for learning. We wanted to create a course specific to wind where we could focus on just reading wind and shooting in it.

There’s so many aspects to fluid dynamics that it’s impossible to cram it all into a 2 day package, and not geek out on the science of it. What we want to do is communicate to you what we’ve learned over the years that matters with wind. Getting into the minuscia of wind is kind of necessary to grasp the principals of it, but there comes a time where you just have to stop overthinking it and shoot. You’re going to miss, and probably a lot at first but missing is how we learn.


How to establish wind speed

Wind speed training drills

How to establish wind values and what the multiples are

How to build a custom hasty wind number for your rifle and ammunition

How to interpret mirage cues

How to interpret other visual cues

Understanding basic weather patterns for accurate forecasting

Using technology to assist

Micro-weather patterns and flows

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You’ll come away with some valuable training tools that you can use to continue your eye/brain calibration, how to establish a mile-per-hour value for your particular rifle and ammunition, and how to interpret all the visual cues you can grab so you can make the most accurate first-round firing solution possible. We recommend the following for your next course:

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