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News & Updates

MDS Episode #0074: PRS UK

In this episode Caylen and Phil welcome the boys from Precision Rifle Series UK, Andy, Trez, and John. With the PRS UK boys hosting four…

MDS Episode #0073: Where did the summer go?

Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t completely fall off the planet! It’s been a whirlwind of a summer for us at Modern Day Sniper and…

MDS Episode #0072: Debrief – Sniper Week at MSTOA

Caylen flies solo on this episode to give his thoughts on the recent annual training week for the Mountain States Tactical Officer’s Association. The MDS…

Student Testimonial

Taking this course renewed my drive to improve my abilities, techniques, and training format so I can help my team break from our static current condition.

Officer Rick Beaston, North Little Rock Police Department SWAT