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MDS Episode #0053: Are You Really a Trained Observer?

The Modern Day Sniper Podcast welcomes Mr. Owen Mulder, a retired USMC Scout/Sniper and MARSOC veteran. Owen’s area of expertise surrounds cognitive psychology and the …

MDS Episode #0052: Milling, A Legacy Skill

Caylen and Phillip dive into a contentious topic among the sniper community; the practicality of maintaining such a high emphasis on using the mil relation…

MDS Episode #0051: Ohio Range Day Recap

Caylen and Phil catch up and recap Phil’s trip to Ohio for the Ohio Range Day. Phil presents the question of “how long does it…

Student Testimonial

Course instructor was knowledgeable and experienced. Communication and presentation was top shelf with excellent supporting material. All exercises were pertinent to the course material and reinforced fundamental teaching points.

Deputy Terry Cross, SWAT Sniper