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MDS Episode #0047: There is No Mindfulness Behind the Rifle without Kass

We hosted a very special guest for this episode, the member of the Modern Day Sniper team that makes it all run behind the scenes,…

MDS Episode #0046: Back to “The Why?”

In this episode, Caylen and Phillip circle back around to their “Why?” They talk about the progression of Modern Day Sniper and the building of…

MDS Episode #0045: Winning the Granite Creek Sniper Challenge

Caylen and Phillip are back together in Yakima for a few weeks of June. They’re just coming off their Win at the Granite Creek Sniper…


THIS WAS WELL WORTH IT. Ok, I admit, I was skeptical of paying $397 for an online course in the basics. But this is super complete information, top notch presentation. And actually professional videography! Excellent printable materials.

Jeff Shaffer

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