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Student Highlight: From Tech Entrepreneur to Mountain Hunter

Here’s some great information from David Cantu: I’m going to share my secret to making $100,000 in the precision shooting world. But before I do,…

MDS Episode #0048: Wind, The Great Equalizer

Wind, the great equalizer of the long range shooter. Many of us are humbled by it on a daily basis, regardless if we’re professionals or…

MDS Episode #0047: There is No Mindfulness Behind the Rifle without Kass

We hosted a very special guest for this episode, the member of the Modern Day Sniper team that makes it all run behind the scenes,…

Student Testimonial

This course was titled LE Sniper Instructor Development, and it lived up to that objective, but it also served a larger purpose. The information in this class is capable of bringing stagnant practices up to speed. I honestly believe that the curriculum in this school with continue to progress law enforcement snipers’ abilities and encourage agencies to provide their shooters with what they need to be able to perform at their maximum potential.

Sergeant James Mitchell, Conway Police Department SWAT