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Backcountry Hunter Course

For the mountain hunter there is little that is more rewarding than reveling in the greatness and the solitude of the backcountry while pursuing game, all the while relying only on yourself and your decisions.  Mountain hunting takes on a whole new meaning when you step away from the safety and security of the roads and immerse yourself into the backcountry. It’s a daunting feat for the beginner, and that’s why we created the Backcountry Hunter’s course.

Kalinski Consulting & Training Services and Guiderite Adventures teamed up to create this one-of-a-kind course to get you started on the right foot.  Luke Carrick of Guidetrite Adventures is a professional hunting guide with over 20 years of experience backpack hunting the northwest, all over North America, and Africa.  Caylen Wojcik of Kalinski has 20 years of experience behind a rifle, and has been a backpack hunter for 8 years. As partners, Caylen and Luke decided to bring their knowledge together and create this unique training opportunity.  Our goal at the Backcountry Hunter’s Course is to give you the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to be confident, safe, and successful on a backcountry backpack hunt.

You can expect to cover a mountain of information (pun intended) during the 5 days you’ll spend with us.  We’ll start off with two days on the rifle range, learning the necessary skills you’ll need to make a responsible and ethical shot under austere conditions, with the end state goal of you having a solid grasp of your capabilities, and your limitations with your rifle.  Moving into the backcountry, you’ll put on your pack and spend three days in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest simulating a typical backcountry hunt. There you’ll learn about gear, how to pack your pack, fit your pack, land navigation, locating game, and taking live-fire shots under real-world conditions.  

What You’ll Learn:

On the range

  • The long range shooting system (Rifle, Optic, Ammo, Rangefinder)
  • Rifle Set-Up
  • How to zero and gain confidence with your rifle scope
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • External ballistics
  • Ballistic computer programs and how to interpret the data
  • Terminal ballistics
  • Wind reading and compensation
  • Trajectory validation of YOUR ammunition
  • Unknown distance shooting out to as far as your rifle can shoot
  • Field shooting and alternate shooting positions


In the backcountry

  • Proper gear selection
  • How to properly pack and fit your backpack
  • Basic land navigation with a map and compass
  • Backcountry nutrition
  • Route finding and hiking techniques
  • Techniques of observation and locating game
  • Campsite selection
  • Locating water sources
  • Basic backcountry first aid
  • Backcountry emergency procedures
  • Trail camera techniques and tips
  • Live-fire field shooting scenarios
  • Meat handling and cache tips


This is a fantastic course and we love to teach it and pass this information along to an ever-expanding group of hunters who want to push past the status quo.  With that being said, this is a physically demanding three days in the mountains. The Cascade mountains aren’t small, or gentle. Nor will they give up their stunning views without your maximum effort.  We’ve been teaching this course for 5 years, and we can’t stress enough that your physical capability is going to directly impact not only how much fun you’re going to have, but how much information you’ll be able to retain.  Wanting to give our students the best experience possible, this year we’ve reached out to a close friend, John Warren, who is a subject matter expert in the areas of physical conditioning programming and nutrition. John has written up a 30 day body and pack-weight only training program to get you ready.  Being in excellent physical and mental condition is the gateway for a mountain hunter. Once you register, you’ll receive the program and access to John for questions.

Gear Loans

The gear list is big.  We get it. We understand that there’s monetary barriers for entry into this type of hunting.  Let’s face it, gear is expensive, and excellent gear is even more expensive. It’s daunting to look at those price tags and not know if you’re paying for something that’s either going to break, or in the end not work for you.  Luke and Caylen have been through this for a long time and they’ve spent the time, misery, and money to find out what works and what doesn’t. Our point is, we’ve got gear for you to use! Those big ticket items like backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, and stoves, we’ve got them if you need them.  It’s always best to try before you buy, and here’s an excellent opportunity to do so. So, BEFORE you get sticker shock looking at the gear list, give us a shout and you may be surprised that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get to the course and learn.

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