long range hunting clinic

Long Range Hunting Clinic

“Long range” is a phrase that is highly subjective and fiercely debated amongst the hunting community as a whole. We all know there’s plenty of folks out there attempting shots on game that they truly shouldn’t be. There’s a tremendous disservice done to game animals that stems from gimmicky marketing that generates a false sense of security in ones’ capabilities just because they purchased a miracle solution.

We’re here to tell you that everyone has their own limitations. Those limitations are not dictated by the gear you have, but by the knowledge, experience, and training you have. In this class you’ll learn what really matters when it comes to making high-consequence shots on live targets under both time constraints and widely varying conditions.

You’ll come away from this class with a newfound respect for the capabilities of your equipment and yourself this next hunting season.

Pre Reqs

No experience required other than safe rifle handling skills.

What you will learn...

  • The Modern Hunting Rifle
  • Modern Marksmanship Mechanics
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Atmospheric Conditions
  • Basic Wind Reading
  • Terminal Ballistic Performance
  • Introduction to Positional Shooting
  • Field Shooting Techniques
  • MDR Hunting Skills Evaluation (Move, Range, Shoot)

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Gear List

What should I take?


  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection (Clear Lenses)


  • Precision Rifle (<1 MOA)
  • Rifle Optic with Adjustable Turrets
  • Scope Tools
  • Bipods (with Ability to Cant)
  • Scope Level (Anti-cant Device)
  • (2) Magazines (for those running DBMs)
  • 200 rounds (Match Grade Ammunition)
  • Support Bag (Rec. AG Gamechanger)
    • Hunter/Sniper – Pint Size w/ Git-Lite
    • Competitor – Shmedium Heavy Fill
    • Rear Bag – OG w/ Git-Lite
    • Rear Bag 2 – TAB Gear SM Rear Bag
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Ballistic Computer (Rec. Hornady 4DOF)
  • Tripod or Shooting Sticks
  • Binoculars
  • Range Finder
  • Hunting Pack

Recommended Support Gear

  • Arm Board (Rec. Sunrise Tactical Gear)
  • Magazine Carriers
  • Rifle Cleaning Gear
  • Shooting Mat
  • Rifle Tools (Rec. Fix It Sticks)
  • Shooter’s Belt
  • Rifle Sling (Rec. Magpul MS1)


  • Kestrel
  • Chronograph (Rec. Magnetospeed)
  • Selfie Stick/Mini tripod for Phone/GoPro

Personal Sustainment

  • Weather Appropriate Gear
  • Field or Camping Chair
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Water Source
  • Snacks and Lunch